A Holistic Framework for Building Digital Resilience

Beyond defining the skills needed to pursue personal, educational, and career goals in an increasingly digital world, BRIDGES offers the tools and resources needed for learners and training providers to build these skills.
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Resources to Support Skill Development

Defining digital skills is just the starting point. Effective digital skills development requires resources, tools, and strategies centered around the individual learner. These resourcesall aligned to BRIDGEScan be used to support digital skill development in a variety of ways.
Explicit Skill Instruction
The Digital Skills Library provides a searchable database of over 1,800 lessons, videos, tutorials, and other learning resources, all aligned to BRIDGES.
Tech-based Instructional Routines
The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit provides a library of edtech "routines" that leverage evidence-based strategies while embedding BRIDGES skills.
Digital Skill Integration
SkillBlox organizes thousands of free and open educational resources, allowing you to create engaging lessons that integrate BRIDGES skills.
World Education
World Education is dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world through education and social and economic development programs.

Our EdTech Initiatives

  • EdTech Center @ World Education
  • IDEAL Consortium
  • CrowdED Learning
  • Digital US