The Digital Skills Glossary

Knowing the "language" of digital skills is an important foundation for digital resilience. The Digital Skills Glossary is a set of open vocabulary-based resources and activities to help build learners' digital resilience.

Glossary Resources

Instructor Guide

The instructor guide (Google Doc) provides details on how to use the materials within the glossary. It also contains activity ideas for building digital resilience.

Glossary Index

The index (Google Sheet) includes all terms and definitions, attribution information for each definition, and the category within the Digital Skills Glossary in which each term falls.

Glossary Slides (A to Z)

The glossary slides (Google Slides) contain one slide for each term. Each slide includes the word and definition, an example sentence, images, and link to pronunciation guidance.

Glossary Slides (Thematic)

Glossary slides (Google Slides) organized by thematic category. This file Includes a hyperlinked main menu that allows users to jump to any category.


The Digital Skills Glossary was built by adult educators who participated in the Winter 2023 EdTech Maker Space. We extend our deep gratitude to the following educators, who worked collaboratively to author original content, find openly licensed images, and design digital vocabulary resources and activities.
Betsy Popple
Betsy Ljubic
Darlene Fahrenkrug
Doyle Adams
Dustin Grooms
Echo Salisbury
Eleanor Cass
Emily Bosley
Evelyn Cassano
Hyo Kwon
Jack Ball
Jayme Adelson-Goldstein
Joe Anderson
Juanita Fisher
Justine Schade
Kate Herzog
Larry Bean
Laura Stockton
Laura Tackett
Laura Lang
Laurie Hoffman
Liana Kelly
Lyle Ring
Mary Gaston
Mary Ford
Mary Zelmer
Michelle Finch
Nell Eckersley
Ray Haddix
Robin Long
Sarah Simpson
Stacey Kimbro (Dove)
Taisha Chandler
Tamara Suttle
Tiffany Lee
Tonya Phelps
Tonya Cobb
Tricia Mullen
Verinda Rose
Victor Burgos Villafane
Zac Gibbins
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